Pritchett Apiaries & “Bee Charma Honey”

Honey is defined as follows by the USDA: "The nectar and saccharine exu-dation of plants, gathered, modified and stored in the comb by honeybees (Apis mellifera and Apis dosata) honey contains not more than 25 percent water, not more than 0.25 percent ash, and not more than 8 percent sucrose."

In other words, honey is a fluid changed by the bees from nectar obtained from plant nectaries. Honey Bees then transport the nectar to the hive and then ripen, cap and store. The color of honey can vary from colorless to nearly black. All variations of honey are due to the floral sources.

“Bee Charma Honey”, provides to the Hudson Valley, a delicious tasting honey that is always RAW and screened simply to remove wax and bee bits, while maintaining all the goodness of RAW Honey.