About the BEE CHARMA

Save The Honey Bee Save The World

Pritchett Apiaries AKA The Bee Charma began operations in 1999, starting with five hives in Pearl River, NY. The number of hives has grown over this ten year period to nearly 100 hives. Local raw honey harvested and sold has also grown over the years. There was no honey produced in the first year and in the second year several hundred pounds of raw honey was produced. The question was what will I do with all this honey?

A friend of mine James Thomas said “don’t worry you will sell it all”. From that first few hundred pounds sold, The Bee Charma now sells all the honey it produces, nearly six thousand pounds every year.

The increase in hives began rather modestly. A neighbor spotted my hives in the backyard and asked “are those your hives?’ Saying yes the conversation continued. Found out that he was a beekeeper and had equipment to sell. I agreed to purchase his equipment. His equipment included hive boxes, frames, foundation, and honey extraction devices. One just couldn’t let all that equipment lie idle. Now several years later the number of hives has increased as well as increased capacity to extract the beautiful gold liquid the bees produced.

The Bee Charma honey provides to the Hudson Valley, a delicious tasting honey that is second to none. People who buy The Bee Charma honey keep buying this natural raw honey and many say that it is the best honey they have ever tasted.

While there are no hives in Pearl River, the honey is still local. Hives are located in Congers, Goshen, and Middletown, New York. Had hives in New Jersey, but had to move them, as the people sold the properties that the bees were located.

Buying honey from local beekeepers helps the environment, and helps the beekeeper stay in business. Beekeeping is expensive, requiring various types of materials and equipment. It is also labor intensive, inspecting hives, moving hives, extracting and bottling honey, and feeding bees when there is no nectar available for the bees.

Try The Bee Charma honey. You wont be disappointed.